Quality ECO4 Leads that Convert

Supplying leads that keep your sales and installation teams occupied

Are you struggling for ECO leads? Let us take the strain and provide you with the leads you need so you can focus on providing the services that your customers are seeking.

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Reliable ECO Leads that Convert

If you are finding the job of generating enough leads to keep your installation teams busy, we can help. We’ll provide you with a steady stream of ECO leads at the rate you require, eliminating the need for you to have to overspend on your marketing budget.

Our leads are from potential customers who are actively seeking to take advantage of funding opportunities available under the ECO 4 Scheme. Having already invested some time in the ECO process, by making a previous enquiry, they are potential customers who are highly likely to convert.

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What sort of ECO leads do we provide?

Since ECO4 funds a wide range of different energy efficiency measures, the leads you receive can be tailored to the areas in which you specialise. If you are a company that provides the full range of home improvement measures – including solar PV systems, home insulation, heat pumps, boilers – we can provide you with ECO leads to meet your business needs.

If you are a company that only focuses on one key service, such as insulation, we can provide leads for customers who are looking for this specific service through ECO funding avenues.

ECO Leads specific to you

Do you focus on providing energy efficient home improvements in a specific location or region? We can tailor your ECO leads so you only get put in contact with potential customers in areas that you are able to provide services for. 

With these leads, for specific areas or postcodes, your sales teams can get on with the job of converting them to customers so that your installers can get on with the task of providing quality installations.

With energy prices at unprecedented highs and households budgets under immense strain, more and more people are looking to take advantage of the funding opportunities which could help them reduce their bills and their carbon footprints. This means there has never been a better time for ECO installers to capitalise.

Government targets for net zero carbon emissions, plus a desire for households to improve their energy efficiency to impact on levels of carbon and heating bills, have led to an increase in these ECO funding incentives. 

Schemes such as the ECO4 Scheme, £1 billion funded Great British Insulation Scheme, and Boiler Upgrade Scheme all provide avenues to funding that can help households with the cost of installing energy efficiency measures.

This is an opportunity where your business can come in. Through our leads, you can not only offer to help clients with the installation of energy efficiency improvement, but you can also assist them in securing the funding. This makes you a one-stop-shop for potential customers who may be confused by the whole ECO funding process.

Why ECO leads need a different approach

Many of those who are looking to benefit from ECO funding schemes, and who are the most likely to be eligible, are typically in the low income bracket. This means that they necessarily are actively seeking solar panels, a new heat pump, new gas boiler or insulation.

We therefore have to carefully target potential customers with marketing that raises awareness of the available funding schemes and how these are going to benefit households in terms of energy efficiencies and bills savings.

We generate leads from a number of different online channels including Google, Facebook and Instagram. These give potential customers the chance to engage with our advertising at their own pace, as opposed to traditional telemarketing methods which would typically catch people somewhat unaware and sometimes make them feel unduly pressured. All leads we supply are GDPR compliant.

Speak With New ECO Customers Fast

There’s no point sitting on a lead and not taking that golden opportunity to try and complete a sale. We can get your leads to you while they are still hot. Because of the way the leads have been gathered, the people you will be contacting will have higher levels of interest and engagement and therefore be more likely to convert.

With leads from ZOA Energy Solutions you can get ahead of your competitors , all without having to do the legwork of finding the customer’s in the first place – our leads do it all for you. No more having your teams sitting around waiting for business.